"Where Soft Tissue Assessment and Treatment Meet"


“With Lisa you get a thorough journey in your treatment.  She describes everything in detail.  In her appointments, she reviews your health, assesses’, treats your soft tissue and gives you suggestions for improvement.  Lisa is peace of mind and her treatments are very effective!”

“Lisa is very grounded.  Her approach is unique and effective.  I have been going to her for 13 years as part of my preventative health”.  It was the best decision I made.”

“I am a Canadian Singer/Songwriter and was having vocal problems after traveling abroad for a year.  Lisa was highly recommended and she treated various deep muscles in my neck.  My voice improved dramatically over 4 treatments”.

“We love Lisa!  She is a dream teacher and is well spoken.  Would love to see her teach more seminars as she has alot to offer being in her field for over two decades. I’ve heard her speak on a few occasions and everyone’s jaw drops at the information. She keeps up-to-date”.


  1. Terry Riggins

    I have had more than my share of sport injuries from snowboarding, mountain biking , water skiing, and running. Lisa has successfully treated me countless times for all my injuries and today at 67 years old , I am still good to go. Lisa is so knowledgeable and professional in her treatments that it is an education just to have a massage. She is my secret weapon against my running competition and I highly recommend her .

  2. Emily Poole

    I was suffering from severe tension headaches. Lisa used massage and fascial taping on my back/shoulders, and within three sessions, the headaches had subsided.
    Thank you Lisa!!!

  3. Donna Golding

    Lisa is my go to health professional. I have never met a person who knows more about the human body than Lisa. Lisa listens, assesses, gets to the root of the problem, treats it, recommends exercises/stretches/do and don’ts and a follow up regime. She actually gives me peace of mind as I feel so confident in her assessment. It is entirely possible that Lisa knows more about my body than I do! Lisa is thorough, caring, kind and considerate and never stops learning. I love her enthusiasm and attention to small details which make all the difference in healing and keeping healthy. Thanks Lisa.

  4. Rod Campbell

    Over the years Lisa has helped me recover from various problems. Most recently her expertise in fascial massage has helped me make a speedy recovery from major abdominal surgery.

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