Please download the form below to bring in with you to your appointment or send it to me at my clinic email prior to your appointment. Thank you in advance.

Please print off your health history form at home and complete it as thoroughly as you can before your treatment. I have a very busy office and the form must be completed before arrival. The form is an essential part of your assessment and treatment process and helps me to understand your health concerns from an informed place which in turn helps me to create a safe and effective treatment for you. On an initial intake appointment, some patients may require longer assessment times if their health histories are more complicated or if they have many questions. Please keep this in mind in the context of your treatment time. Sessions include all aspects of care when you see an RMT – assessment, treatment, and remedial exercises. I am here to listen and address your concerns and soft tissue needs.

For your appointments, please show up at your designated time and text/phone to let me know you have arrived (250-468-1482). To keep each patient safe from colds and flu, I ask that you cancel if you are showing any signs of illness. In addition, for the privacy of each patient, please wait in your car or in the chairs provided outside until it is your appointment time. I look forward to helping you with your soft tissue concerns. If you have any questions before your treatment, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to helping you.